May 8, 2017

American Responsibility: Rocky Law Firm’s Newest Campaign for Giving a Voice Back to Injury Victims

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The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is excited to announce our newest campaign in the battle for justice for injury victims: American Responsibility. This crusade aims to rally good, hardworking folks across the country in solidarity against greedy corporations and insurance companies that don’t take responsibility for hurting people. You’ve done your job. You’ve paid your [...]

Mar 3, 2017

Large and In Charge: Rocky McElhaney Honored with Selection for the Nashville Post InCharge Leaders List

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The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm has been pretty busy the last couple of years: winning cases, breaking ground on a state-or-the-art building, opening up two new divisions of RML, and, of course, fighting to protect our clients with everything we have. We’ve launched some new initiatives and campaigns over the last few years, too, based [...]