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Jun 16, 2015

Personal Injury Lawsuits 101: the Independent Medical Examination

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If you were injured because of someone else’s negligence – say, at work or in a car crash – and you decide to pursue a lawsuit, you’ll have to undergo an independent medical examination, or IME. Many people think that seeing their own doctors after an accident will suffice – but the insurance company won’t [...]

Apr 6, 2015

Distracted Driving Kills; Please Read Our Safe Driving Policy

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The American Association for Justice is an association of lawyers that works to promote justice and fairness in the justice system. The AAJ serves as a platform for lawyers to donate time to their communities in an effort to make those communities safer and better informed about important issues. The AAJ has recently started a [...]

Oct 29, 2014

Personal Injury 101: How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

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Personal injury lawsuits sometimes get a bad reputation because most people don’t really know what “counts” as a personal injury. After all, sometimes an accident really is just an accident. The defining element of a personal injury lawsuit is fault: whose actions (or inactions) resulted in your injury? And were those actions (or inactions) caused [...]

Oct 3, 2014

Personal Injury 101: What is an Accident Reconstructionist?

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When a personal injury victim files a lawsuit for compensation, that person’s lawyer may use an accident reconstructionist to help build your case. Though they’re primarily used in cases involving motor vehicle crashes, an accident reconstructionist could help build a plaintiff’s case regardless of what kind of incident occurred. What a reconstructionist does It can [...]