We made a promise to you in January – that we would always strive to do our best because you voted us as “The Best.” So we buckled down and worked harder than we ever have, because it mattered to us that you voted Rocky the “Best Attorney in Nashville” in the Nashville Scene Magazine’s “Best of Nashville” Annual Readers’ Poll in 2015.

But then you went and did it again. You voted Rocky into the top spot in the 2016 annual poll. So we’re doubling down on our promise to be “The Best” by launching a national initiative and a brand new campaign: “Best Matters. Again.”

If you thought we pulled out all the stops before – man, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

How can you top being the best? By working harder

Our new campaign is a no-holds-barred approach to doing what we’ve always done: providing aggressive, effective support and representation for the people of Tennessee. We’re tired of watching accident victims suffer at the hands of big insurance companies who put their profits ahead of their customers. We’re sick of seeing families destroyed because of another person’s carelessness or a company’s negligence. And we’re done with the people who hurt you getting away with it.

That’s what the “Best Matters. Again” campaign is all about: helping our clients, our neighbors and our loved ones take back control of their lives and their futures. And here’s just a taste of what our Gladiators in Suits have in store:

  • A brand new, 12,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Hendersonville at Indian Lake, slated to open in April of 2017, and 2 additional Nashville office locations.
  • Brand new top-of-the-line computers and high-tech tools used to help us build stronger cases.
  • Plans to hire on another 30 attorneys and staffers to help us keep cases moving forward, and to reach out to new clients who need us.
  • Two new divisions of the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm devoted to helping families and athletes: the McElhaney Family Firm and the Rocky McElhaney Sports Agency.
  • Continued investment in our communities and local charities to help make the world a better place for everyone.

We have always strived to give our clients what they needed, so they could focus on healing. We keep opening new branches so it’s easier to reach us, and traveling to see clients in their homes and at hospitals who cannot come to us. We fight for justice from large-scale insurance companies and big corporations who think their paychecks matter more than people. We’ve never given up on a client in need – and we never will.

Thank you for voting Rocky McElhaney the “Best Attorney” in Nashville for the second year running. And thank you for giving us the most precious gift you can: your trust. We promise you that we’ll always have your back. Know why?

Because Best Matters. Again. Because Best Matters. Always.