Sports Related Injuries

May 13, 2015

UTVs Can Be Dangerous to Inexperienced Drivers

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Utility Terrain Vehicles look like souped-up golf carts, but they are capable of much, much more. These vehicles have significant power and flexible applications, and having one on a large property can be invaluable. Uses range from practical applications like towing and moving cargo to recreational activities like off-roading and joyriding. Polaris is the largest [...]

Dec 1, 2014

Who Is Really Responsible for Your CrossFit Injuries?

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CrossFit is everywhere these days. The high-intensity and highly-addictive workout methodology has taken the country by storm, earning “converts” everywhere it goes. But CrossFit creates some dangerous situations for the people who follow the regimens, and could lead to long-term injuries. What exactly IS CrossFit? CrossFit is an exercise program that emphasizes core and strength [...]

Oct 29, 2014

Personal Injury 101: How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

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Personal injury lawsuits sometimes get a bad reputation because most people don’t really know what “counts” as a personal injury. After all, sometimes an accident really is just an accident. The defining element of a personal injury lawsuit is fault: whose actions (or inactions) resulted in your injury? And were those actions (or inactions) caused [...]