Medical Negligence

Jun 20, 2016

New Surgical Robot Operates with Fewer Mistakes than Surgeons

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The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) has it all; a catchy backstory, a legitimate purpose, and some impressive real-world results. The brainchild of Dr. Peter Kim, STAR has been in development for years. Recently, a team of researchers led by Kim oversaw the robot perform successful open-bowel surgery on pigs. None of the patients suffered [...]

May 26, 2016

How a Letter Started an Epidemic of Drug Abuse in this Country

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In 1986, Dr. Hershel Jick wrote a single paragraph letter to the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. In it, he wrote that less than 1% of opioid users would become physically dependent or addicted. His statistic wasn’t wrong, it was merely misrepresented; Dr. Jick was referring to patients who were carefully monitored [...]

May 2, 2016

Non-Profit “Patient Advocacy Group” Works to Protect Big Business

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Last month, we wrote about the Tennessee Medical Association’s push for a constitutional amendment to cap non-economic damage awards for medical malpractice cases. While researching the subject matter, we discovered a much more disturbing proposal backed by a so-called “patient advocacy group” based in Georgia. The non-profit group, called Patients for Fair Compensation, purports to [...]

Apr 11, 2016

Attempts to “Solve” Tennessee’s Medical Malpractice Problems Plagued by Overblown Claims

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The Tennessee Medical Association is pushing for a constitutional amendment that would cap non-economic damage awards for medical malpractice cases. Amending the state constitution is no small feat; it requires ratification by a two-thirds vote by two General Assemblies and voter approval thereafter. Needless to say, it’s an uphill battle. The deluded thinking that leads [...]

Apr 1, 2016

Are Drug Makers Hiding Information about Xarelto?

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As Xarelto lawsuits move forward, new information about the clinical trials of the blood thinner is coming to light. At the heart of the controversy is a blood-testing device used during clinical trials that was later recalled for faulty results. While independent reviews of the clinical trials insist that the results were unchanged by the [...]

Mar 24, 2016

Why DePuy’s 2010 Artificial Hip Recall Is Making Headlines Now

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DePuy (pronounced DePew) Orthopaedics began a new phase of research in the late 1990s; more and more hip replacements were being performed on younger patients, and the company was looking to create a more durable product with a longer lifespan. Research and development efforts introduced a family of products starting in 2000 that had great [...]

Feb 17, 2016

How Our Best Thinkers Are Preparing the Healthcare System for the Future

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Last November, we began a six-part series on how researchers are bridging the tech gap by integrating new technologies to make our lives better and safer. In the not too distant future, our healthcare system will be challenged to accommodate the growing needs of an aging population. With new tech comes new hope. According to [...]