Bridging the Tech Gap

Dec 4, 2015

Bridging the Tech Gap: Surgical “Black Box” Device Can Increase the Quality of Healthcare

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Last year, Dr. Teodor Grantcharov put the finishing touches on a surgical “black box” and began testing the device in operating rooms. The device, inspired in part by the aviation industry’s recording log of the same name, was conceived as an educational tool. For the first time, surgeons would have a complete record of all [...]

Nov 30, 2015

Bridging the Tech Gap: Onboard Safety Monitoring Tracks Drivers’ Alertness

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Stephanie Morgan, a big rig driver, witnessed a horrific accident in late October. The company she works for is one of many that employ an Onboard Safety Monitoring (OBSM) System. Her sudden braking to avoid the accident alerted a truck-safety monitoring company, which automatically notified her boss’s office in Omaha, Nebraska. The data from the [...]

Nov 23, 2015

Bridging the Tech Gap: Software That Recognizes Human Emotion

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In his freshman year at Stanford, Catalin Voss helped build an app for Google Glass that could recognize emotions. The software use facial recognition software to analyze expressions, and compared those expressions to a database to determine the emotion being expressed. The app was so successful that a Japanese company purchased the creation and is [...]

Nov 19, 2015

Bridging the Tech Gap: Bosch Industries Pedestrian Avoidance System

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In our mobile society, everyone is a pedestrian. With over 253 million cars and trucks on the road, pedestrian fatalities are the rare traffic statistic that is on the rise. In 2013, the last year for which data is available, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded 4,735 deaths in the US. In Tennessee, there [...]

Nov 18, 2015

From Rearview Mirrors to Rearview Cameras: Bridging The Tech Gap To Make The World A Safer Place

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The tech boom has flooded our world with creations that we didn’t know we couldn’t live without. The daily news from around the world is part horror and part hope, reflecting the best and worst of humanity every day. Our own blogs have ranged from horrifying to uplifting, recognizing devastating losses and acknowledging a brighter [...]