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Nov 10, 2016

Samsung’s Two-For-One Apology Doesn’t Help Victims of Exploding Washing Machines

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On Monday, November 7, tech giant Samsung ran full-page ads in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post apologizing for its botched handling of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, which left dangerous smartphones in consumer’s hands for almost a month before an official action was taken. The official apology, signed [...]

Jan 26, 2016

Memphis Man Injured by Exploding E-Cigarette

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Cordero Caples underwent surgery at a hospital in Colorado to start repairing the injuries he suffered after an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth. Caples, a college student and Memphis native, was severely injured by the exploding device. He suffered fractured vertebrae, facial fractures and broken teeth. The nature of the injuries to his vertebrae has [...]

Jan 19, 2016

National Cover-Up Threatens Thousands across the Country

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A recent lawsuit filed against a dozen manufacturers, suppliers and distributors alleges that faulty fire sprinkler systems were installed in tens of thousands of buildings around the country. The sprinkler systems, known as hybrids, make use of both metal and CPVC pipes. The metal pipes and common construction materials used during installation react with CPVC, [...]

Aug 8, 2015

Staying Safe at the Fair: What Parents Should Know about Amusement Park Rides

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On Sunday, July 26, 2015, The Tennessean ran a story about an accident on a swing ride in Bowling Green Kentucky. The details were limited, but we know that 12 people were treated for injuries, and the chances are good that some of those 12 were children. The ride, called “the Jitterbug,” tipped over on [...]

Apr 22, 2015

Kraft Foods Group Recalls Macaroni & Cheese

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After receiving eight complaints from consumers, Kraft Foods Group has issued a voluntary recall of around 242,000 cases of Original flavor Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner. The affected cases may contain small pieces of metal that could cause serious soft tissue injury if consumed. Check your pantry The recall affects 7.25oz boxes of the Original [...]

Apr 3, 2015

Dietary Supplements Are Filled with Lies

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A recent lawsuit filed in New York is making national headlines. An investigation led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman discovered that herbal supplements sold by major retailers were misleading and mislabeled, and in some cases were causing harm to purchasers. Supplements sold at Walmart, Target, GNC, and Walgreens were lab tested and it [...]