Truck Rollover Accidents – Why They HappenRollover accidents involving trucks are common across the nation. This type of accident has the potential to inflict serious, and sometimes deadly injuries to nearby drivers and their passengers. Because of its size, a truck that rolls over may cause damage to numerous vehicles at once.

Roadways in Tennessee and throughout the nation are the sight of numerous rollover accidents on a yearly basis. In fact, there are more than 15,000 commercial truck rollovers each year in the U.S. This equates to approximately one rollover for every one million miles of truck travel.

Distracted, impaired, or fatigued driving

Carefully employed skills are required to drive a truck safely at all times. A truck driver must possess sound judgment, quick reflexes, the ability to exhibit undivided attention to the road, and training and experience to handle potentially dangerous situations. These crucial abilities and traits are significantly weakened when a truck driver operates his or her rig under the influence of alcohol or drugs, uses electronic devices (such as a smartphone) while driving, drives while fatigued, or veers attention away from the road for any reason.

Truck drivers are of course obligated to follow the same rules of the road as all other drivers, but they must also adhere to mandated rest and sleep schedules to avoid the danger of drowsy driving. One wrong move by a truck driver who is impaired, distracted, or fatigued in some way can lead to a deadly truck rollover accident.

Speeding on exit and on-ramps

It is true that truck rollover accidents can occur at any location on a roadway. However, a significant number of these accidents occur on interstate/highway on-ramps and exits. The speed limits on these ramps are often posted significantly lower than the standard speed limits on the roadways. Many of the cloverleaf style interchanges with sharp turns have significantly reduced speed limits to ensure that all drivers can successfully manage the sharp turning radii involved.

When a truck driver fails to slow down sufficiently upon the approach to an on-ramp or exit, they can easily lose control while attempting to navigate the turn, which increases the possibility of a rollover accident.

Improperly placed or secured truck loads

Trucks must be well-balanced in terms of the loads they carry; and these loads must be below the designated maximum weight limit. Many trucks have an 80,000 pound maximum weight limit. When this weight limit is exceeded, the ability of the truck driver to maneuver the vehicle safely can be significantly reduced. In addition, failure to load and balance a truck properly can increase the chances of a rollover.

If the truck contains cargo, particularly if the cargo is not within an enclosed trailer, it must be secured in a manner that prevents it from moving around or breaking loose. When an unbalanced load exists in the cargo portion of a truck, any sudden movement or shift in weight can cause a driver to lose control, resulting in a rollover crash.

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