Hyundai is recalling 883,000 late model Sonatas because of a problem with the transmission shifters.

Let’s dissect this issue, shall we?

  • First – that’s close to a million cars.
  • Second – they’re late model cars, which means that this has been a problem for YEARS: since 2011, to be exact.
  • Third – the problem relates to the transmission shifter, which is the part of the car which helps you control speed and the direction the car travels in.

After the horrific news about the 13 deaths and 54 serious injuries caused by faulty GM ignition switches, Hyundai’s recall is no surprise: car companies are petrified that their years of poor building and testing will catch up with them, and they’re issuing recalls at the drop of the hat to avoid potential lawsuits. This newest recall means that more than 40 million cars have been recalled this year.

In Hyundai’s case, the transmission shifters may not necessarily stay where they’re supposed to be; thus, even if you parked your car you could find it rolling along – with you or without you inside. So far there have been no reported injuries.

Automotive defects are becoming more common

If no one’s been hurt, you might be asking, then why discuss this recall?

Because it’s the principle of the thing. No injuries have been reported yet. We could find out in the coming weeks and months that people were hurt. But we’re really steamed because of the lack of accountability auto manufacturers and distributors take when it comes to building a safe, quality product. We see so many cases where people are injured because of faulty products – injuries that may have been prevented if manufacturers took the time to properly test their products before releasing them onto an unsuspecting market. This year alone, auto recalls have been issued from Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, GM, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz. Some of them have floor mats that detach; others have defective bolts holding the seats in place. The seats!

And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 30% of fatal car accidents involve speeding. What percentage of those accidents may have been caused by a transmission shifter that causes cars to switch into the wrong gears? If the answer is even 1%, it’s too high.

We demand better safety standards, better testing and more accountability by car manufacturers BEFORE they roll out unsafe models. There’s no excuse for a defective automobile.