Dec 15, 2016

Traumatic Birth Syndrome And You: Is Your Spouse At Risk?

By |Dec 15, 2016|Birth Injury|0 Comments

We talk about traumatic birth injury all the time. We discuss risk factors, what to expect when you’re expecting, and what to expect after an injury occurs. However, we mostly talk about your medical team or your child; what about you? When something goes wrong during labor or delivery, parents are left wondering if […]

Sep 6, 2016

Friendship House Offers a New Kind of Life for Disabled Adults

By |Sep 6, 2016|Birth Injury|0 Comments

Permanent and debilitating injuries change lives instantly. When injuries occur during birth, young families must adjust to providing care for their disabled child. When injuries occur later in life, families must decide how to meet the new needs of their loved one. Most family’s worry about the type of future their loved one can […]

Jul 8, 2016

What Pregnant Women Need to Know about Diflucan

By |Jul 8, 2016|Birth Injury, News, Safety|0 Comments

The Zika virus outbreak has sparked a massive media campaign to warn women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant about the dangers of exposure. The ongoing efforts, which we have written about before, are intended to reduce the risk of birth defect or miscarriage. Now, a new study has spurred the US […]

Jun 17, 2016

New Studies Might Show How Zika Causes Birth Defects

By |Jun 17, 2016|Birth Injury, News, Safety|0 Comments

The Zika virus has triggered a global response; countries are pooling information and resources in an unprecedented show of cooperation. Efforts to combat the problem have increased in lockstep with the spread of the disease. One company proposes releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to help reduce the breeding population; others are taking the more tradition […]

Nov 5, 2014

Birth Injuries Unrelated to Palsy and Dystocia

By |Nov 5, 2014|Birth Injury, Medical Negligence, Personal Injury|0 Comments

When people hear the words “birth injuries,” they usually assume the worst: permanent brain damage, paralysis or deformities. While each of these outcomes is heartbreaking, there are some birth injuries that are less conspicuous and yet still dangerous, and they happen in hospitals every day. We wanted to make you aware of some other […]

Sep 29, 2014

Damage to the Cerebellum May Be a Linked to Autism

By |Sep 29, 2014|Birth Injury, Medical Negligence|0 Comments

As awareness for autism and spectrum disorders grows, doctors are working harder than ever to find a root cause in the hopes of finding a cure. Enter three doctors and a fascinating article in Neuron, who believe that damage to the cerebellum – the 10% of your brain that houses 50% of your neurons […]

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