traumatic-birth-syndrome-and-you-is-your-spouse-at-riskWe talk about traumatic birth injury all the time. We discuss risk factors, what to expect when you’re expecting, and what to expect after an injury occurs. However, we mostly talk about your medical team or your child; what about you? When something goes wrong during labor or delivery, parents are left wondering if an accident was avoidable, if they followed all the right steps. Just like any other trauma, the effects are felt far and wide.

Traumatic birth syndrome

Thankfully, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder research has come a long way, and it is widely recognized that stressful events like birth trauma can leave parents with some or all of the symptoms of PTSD. The condition, formally known as Post Natal PTSD, is commonly referred to as birth trauma syndrome; while the symptoms can overlap with Post Natal Depression, it is a separate condition resulting from birth complications.

The Birth Trauma Association writes:

“It is clear that some women experience events during childbirth (as well as in pregnancy or immediately after birth) that would traumatise

[sic] any normal person. For other women, it is not always the sensational or dramatic events that trigger childbirth trauma but other factors such as loss of control, loss of dignity, the hostile or difficult attitudes of the people around them, feelings of not being heard or the absence of informed consent to medical procedures.”

The organization gives a list of symptoms that may indicate birth trauma syndrome, which you can read in full here.

Your child doesn’t have to suffer

It’s important to note that parents may suffer from birth trauma syndrome even if their child is not injured during any stage of care, including labor, delivery, and post-natal care. If your labor and delivery was unnecessarily lengthy or painful, or your rights as a patient were violated, you may be the victim of medical malpractice and entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.

If you or your partner has experienced any of the symptoms listed above after a difficult birth, you may be entitled to compensation. The experienced Nashville birth trauma syndrome attorneys at the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm can evaluate your case and help get you the compensation you deserve. Call 615.246.5549, visit our offices in Nashville, Gallatin or Knoxville, or contact us today for a free consultation.