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Dec 4, 2015

Bridging the Tech Gap: Surgical “Black Box” Device Can Increase the Quality of Healthcare

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Last year, Dr. Teodor Grantcharov put the finishing touches on a surgical “black box” and began testing the device in operating rooms. The device, inspired in part by the aviation industry’s recording log of the same name, was conceived as an educational tool. For the first time, surgeons would have a complete record of all [...]

Aug 26, 2015

Are Independent Emergency Rooms Really Safe?

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Emergency rooms offer a level of emergency medical care that isn’t available in urgent care centers. They offer more comprehensive treatment options, and can help save your life after a severe injury or in life-threatening conditions. However, most emergency rooms are actually emergency departments, with the benefit of a full staff of specialists and technicians [...]

Jul 24, 2015

Once Again, the Lives of the Uninsured Are at Risk

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For diabetics, modern insulin therapy has been a godsend. New drugs have eliminated the weight gain associated with diabetes, and modern delivery devices have eliminated the need for daily sugar level tests. However, these new methods come at a high cost, and not everyone can afford modern insulin therapy. There is no generic version of [...]

Mar 24, 2015

New Jersey Woman Claims Dentures Lodged in Esophagus During Surgery

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Accidents happen, but when accidents happen during medical procedures the results can be disastrous and life altering. This particular case is a little different from the ones we usually tell you about, but we simply couldn’t resist. Lourdes Rivera, 56, of Kearny, NJ recently filed a lawsuit against Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center in Secaucus. According [...]

Jan 23, 2015

Tennessee Under Medicare Scrutiny For Prolific Prescriptions

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Prescription of controlled substances has been thrust into the national spotlight in recent years. Despite a national crackdown, new data shows doctors have prescribed larger numbers of potent controlled substances to Medicare patients than ever before. Tennessee came in second in the nation (just under Florida) in number of providers who wrote a minimum of [...]

Nov 5, 2014

Birth Injuries Unrelated to Palsy and Dystocia

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When people hear the words “birth injuries,” they usually assume the worst: permanent brain damage, paralysis or deformities. While each of these outcomes is heartbreaking, there are some birth injuries that are less conspicuous and yet still dangerous, and they happen in hospitals every day. We wanted to make you aware of some other types [...]