Michael Jordan. Thomas Edison. Sally Ride. Allison Schmitt. Martin Scorsese. Meryl Streep.

It takes a lot to be the best: passion, determination, dedication, hard work. You have to want it. You have to work for it. You have to be willing to get knocked down and get right back up – to show that you will never, ever stop fighting to reach your goals. And once you get there, you have to be willing to do what is necessary to stay the best while not compromising your integrity and the needs of others.

Nashville and Middle Tennessee communities have spoken, and resoundingly agree that Rocky Law Firm’s fearless leader, Rocky McElhaney is the Best Lawyer in Nashville, an honor Rocky and his band of no-nonsense “Gladiators in Suits” are very proud to have received.  He and his team have been successfully representing serious injury victims across Tennessee and the Southeast over 16 years now.  So it goes without saying that Rocky Law Firm knows a thing or two about being the best and staying the best.

And—because being voted the best really matters to people looking for the best legal representation, the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is launching a brand new national marketing campaign celebrating their win and letting everyone know “Best Matters.”  In addition to a bold new Best Matters” television commercial rolling out across broadcast television airwaves on January 18, 2016, there will be approximately 18 billboards across Nashville, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Lebanon and Hendersonville and 65 bus benches sprinkled across Nashville. To make this campaign even more fun and rewarding for the firm’s fans whom have signed up for RML’s regular email blasts throughout the year, Rocky will be personally sending out an exclusive email announcing special details on how two lucky fans can win a free T-shirt and up to $150 in gift cards during the “Best Matters” campaign launch!  If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up here!

Why is RML the Best?

All lawyers are not the same. Each law firm out there has a different mission. Rocky McElhaney Law Firm’s mission is to fight for their client’s like they would for members of their own family. RML’s trial lawyers and staff are compassionate listeners. They are their client’s most fierce advocates in and out of the courtroom helping to shoulder the burdens that come along with debilitating and life-altering injuries. They navigate the rough waters of dealing with manipulative and aggressive insurance adjusters who could care less about your problems— even though you weren’t at fault.  Rocky law firm always fights for the maximum recovery; they do what it takes to get real justice for their clients.

“Our clients deserve the best. We go above and beyond to push for more because we know the difference every dollar makes for them,” says Rocky McElhaney. “We understand what an awesome responsibility being the best is. We are humbled by it, grounded by it, and inspired by it every single day. And this is our promise to you: for as long as we are here, we will never stop fighting on behalf of the people who have trusted us with their lives and their families.”

The lawyers at the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm have might and right on their side.  When you need someone to look out for you and stand in your corner, call the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm. Contact RML online or by calling us toll free at 888.619.4765 to speak with a personal injury attorney from offices in Nashville, Gallatin and Knoxville.