CrossFit is everywhere these days. The high-intensity and highly-addictive workout methodology has taken the country by storm, earning “converts” everywhere it goes. But CrossFit creates some dangerous situations for the people who follow the regimens, and could lead to long-term injuries.

What exactly IS CrossFit?

CrossFit is an exercise program that emphasizes core and strength training done in short, intense bursts. Instead of spending hours in the gym doing the same routine over and over again, CrossFit offers its participants different daily exercise regimens (Called Workout of the Day, or WOD); these regimens are supposed to be repeated as often as they can be within a set amount of time. The program’s fans talk about how quickly they see results, which has led to more than 10,000 CrossFit gyms (called “Boxes” in their lingo) around the country.

So why is CrossFit dangerous?

The principles behind CrossFit are the same as those used by law enforcement tactical teams, specials operations units in the military and in the MMA: in other words, the movements and exercises you now see at your local gym are those used by elite fighters. For people who are not conditioned for such a workout, the workout can lead to back and neck injuries, strained or pulled muscles and joint problems. There is also the risk of developing a condition called Rhabdomyolysis, which breaks down the fibers in your muscles and releases them into your bloodstream. The fibers can cause your kidneys to fail, and if not caught in time it could be fatal.

Another problem with CrossFit is that the trainers don’t need any additional certification outside of the one they need to teach CrossFit classes. Despite the extreme physicality of the program, CrossFit trainers are not required to have any education or degrees in the areas of health and fitness, nor do they require accreditation. Some of the exercises associated with the program have no practical application in the real world, which means a greater risk of injury if you’re not properly prepared.

Holding trainers and practitioners accountable

As the popularity of CrossFit increases, so do the chances of people getting hurt. In a nutshell, CrossFit:

  • Requires no study or knowledge of the human body
  • Is not supervised to ensure that gym members are following the “rules”
  • Has proven to be a highly addictive activity
  • Increases the risk of injury to gym members
  • Takes no responsibility for those injuries

Being a certified CrossFit instructor is not indication that your trainer is at all equipped to manage your workout routine. That could cause irreparable damage to your body. If you’ve sustained serious bodily injury because of CrossFit, give us a call. We may be able to help.