The tech boom has flooded our world with creations that we didn’t know we couldn’t live without. The daily news from around the world is part horror and part hope, reflecting the best and worst of humanity every day. Our own blogs have ranged from horrifying to uplifting, recognizing devastating losses and acknowledging a brighter future.

The future has always been the home of the American dream; a better world tomorrow has been our rallying cry for generations. However, thanks to the efforts of our best and brightest around the globe, our “better world” is actually closer than you think.

The role of technology in our world

The best technologies fulfill a need we didn’t know we had. When rearview cameras supplanted rearview mirrors, they helped to reduce the 14,000 injuries and 200 deaths caused annually by back over accidents. The cameras increased the field of view, allowing drivers to see obstacles that were otherwise invisible. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has mandated that every car sold in the US after May 2018 must be equipped with a backup camera.

Similarly, there are a slew of emerging technologies that will make our world a better and safer place in the near future. These technologies represent the collaborative efforts of innovators and researchers around the world. In the following articles, RML will cover six of the most promising emerging technologies that are poised to change our lives for the better in just a few short years.

Why we don’t see new tech all the time

Emerging technologies can face tremendous difficulties in adoption, particularly when they address medical or transportation issues. The biggest opposition often comes from a very human aversion to change. Additionally, the sheer quantity of research and development means that it is increasingly harder to match a requirement to a solution.

Hans Christian von Baeyer, Chancellor Professor of Physics at the College of William and Mary, made a more concise observation. He notes, “Time has been called God’s way of making sure that everything doesn’t happen at once. In the same spirit, noise is Nature’s way of making sure that we don’t find out everything that happens. Noise, in short, is the protector of information.”

In the following articles, we’re going to do our best to cut through that noise and bring you six very real and very useful pieces of technology that should see widespread adoption in the next few years. Life without these technologies isn’t impossible, but life with them could mean that you and your loved ones are safer in an increasingly complex world.

Simply put, our list of the top six emerging technologies to watch includes:

  1. Bosch’s Pedestrian Avoidance System for passenger vehicles
  2. Onboard Safety Monitoring of driver alertness for commercial trucks
  3. Surgical “Black Box” implementation for reducing medical errors
  4. Prism glasses that aid rehabilitation in traumatic brain injury victims
  5. Software that identifies emotions in real-time
  6. Sideline diagnosis of concussion in amateur and professional athletes

Over the next few weeks, we at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm will bring you a look into how these technologies are already making their way into common use, and how they will help make our world a better place. Check back often for an exciting glimpse into the “world of tomorrow” today.