Why Are Left-Hand Turns So Dangerous?Drivers turning left generally do not have the right of way. In most car accident cases, the presumption is that the car turning left was the car responsible for the accident. Left-hand turns are dangerous for many reasons, such as:

  • Cars turning left (except for single-lane roads) need to cross at least one lane of traffic
  • Cars turning left need to watch out for cars potentially coming from three directions
  • Cars driving straight through an intersection may try to make it across before the driver turns
  • The views of the traffic lanes may be obstructed

Drivers turning left simply have to process more information than drivers turning right or going straight; it’s the reason why some states use formations like roundabouts (or circles), or “jug handles,” where a driver basically has to make a series of right-hand turns in order to go left. Many towns have installed left arrows in their lights, or designated turning lanes on roadways, in order to lower the risk of a collision.

Determining fault in a car crash involving a turn

The easiest assumption to make is that when Car A hits Car B, then the driver in Car A is responsible. The truth is, it’s not always that simple. Some of the possible reasons the cars, other than the one turning left, may be at fault are:

  • Another driver sped through the traffic light after it turned yellow
  • Another driver ran through a red light
  • An unexpected traffic event occurred, such as a car already in the intersection stalled
  • The other driver was drunk
  • The other driver was driving while distracted

In cases like these, it’s critical that we prove the majority of fault lies with the other driver. So even if you struck another car while you were turning, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Our Nashville car accident lawyers collect evidence to show how accidents happened, such as footage from traffic or other surveillance cameras, phone records, police reports, and/or eyewitnesses. We also inspect the cars. (The location of the damage is often an indicator of fault.) Finally, we review the accident scene to better understand what happened.

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