Employers and insurance companies are denying workers’ compensation cases these days for many reasons. A couple of the more prevalent ones are that your doctor has not said it’s work related yet, or not set it in the right way, or you did not suffer a single traumatic injury, but instead were hurt gradually over time through your repetitive work. Both of those situations result in repeated denials. Your doctor has to put your causation statement in very particular words for the insurance company. Also, repetitive injuries are getting denied more and more.

When your claim is denied, you have an opportunity to go to a special hearing through the workers’ compensation court to overturn that denial. Under our new system, you have to have all of your proof together to go to that hearing. If you’re not ready, the denial will most likely be held up. Therefore, it’s important that you get an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you put your case together to overcome that denial. Often times, this means taking a deposition of your doctor, or getting an affidavit from you or your coworkers about your work and how your injury occurred.

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