24 Vehicle Pile-up Near Jackson, Tennessee Closes InterstateCDL Life News  reported on January 12, 2018 that at least 16 semis and eight cars were involved in a chain reaction accident on Interstate I-40 near Jackson Tennessee. The accident happened about 1:00 p.m. Police investigating the accident claim that the bad winter weather was a major contributor. The interstate was closed to take clear the vehicles. There was no report of death or injuries.

Issues involved in multi-vehicle crashes

Accidents involving many trucks and other vehicles are extremely complex. Only lawyers who have extensive experience can competently handle them. The reasons multi-vehicle cares are difficult are:

  • It’s hard to determine who’s at fault. The starting point for chain-reaction cases is to examine who first failed to hit their brakes on time, was speeding, or didn’t comply with a local traffic law. The difficulty is then figuring out which trucks hit which cars, in which order, at what rates of speed. Snow and ice conditions only make determining fault harder. Experienced truck accident lawyers often work with traffic reconstruction experts and the police to determine who is responsible.
  • Multiple plaintiffs and defendants. When there are multiple victims and multiple people responsible, multiple lawsuits may be required. Deciding which case should go first and whether the results of one case affect the other cases is very complex.
  • Where lawsuits can be brought. Lawsuits can generally be brought where the accident happened or where the defendants live. If a trucking company is incorporated in another state, then it may even be possible to bring the lawsuit in federal court instead of state court.

Adding to the complexity of multi-vehicle accident cases is that if there are multiple defendants, then different insurance companies may contribute towards a settlement or a jury verdict. If someone dies or is seriously injured, you even may need to ask your own insurance carrier to pay you through your uninsured or underinsured policy coverage.

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