Common Causes of Chain-Reaction Truck Crashes in TennesseeLarge commercial trucks are prevalent along the highways in Tennessee, and accidents involving 18-wheelers, semis, tractor trailers and other types of large, commercial trucks happen far too frequently. One of the most devastating type of truck accident is the chain reaction collision or the multiple vehicle crash caused by these massive vehicles.

What causes chain reaction truck accidents?

Some of the same types of circumstances that cause chain reaction crashes with passenger vehicles also contributes to chain reaction truck crashes. The principle difference is the consequences. When one passenger vehicle happens to be following too closely behind the car in front of them and the lead car slows down or stops unexpectedly, it does not leave the following car much space to react and then stop their vehicle before crashing into the rear-end of the lead vehicle. When the following vehicle is a large, commercial truck the consequences are far more extreme.

A typical example of a chain reaction truck crash begins with a passenger vehicle that has slowed down because the traffic ahead of them has slowed down for an accident, a road construction work zone, or a build-up of the volume of vehicles on the road because of rush-hour. The truck driver is driving along the highway with the speed of traffic and may be inattentive for just a few seconds. Maybe the truck driver has reached for something inside of the truck or distracted by something outside of the truck, but they do not notice that the vehicle in front of them has slowed to a stop. By the time they notice the slowdown it is too late to apply the brakes and they crash into the vehicle in front of them which pushes that vehicle into the one in front of them and the chain reaction commences. Because of their size and weight, tractor-trailers can cause significant property damage, injuries and death when they collide with much smaller, lighter passenger vehicles.

Additional factors in chain reaction truck crashes

The following are some of the other causes of chain reaction truck accidents:

  • Speeding
  • Fatigued driver
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Following too closely
  • Reckless driving

Liability in chain reaction truck accidents

When a commercial truck driver causes a chain reaction crash because of negligence, if they were operating the truck at the time of the accident within the scope of their employment, the injured party may also hold the truck driver’s employer liable for their damages. In cases where the truck driver was drunk behind the wheel, driving while fatigued in violation of Hours of Service regulations, or driving recklessly, the plaintiff might seek damages from the truck driver’s employer under the legal principle of negligent hiring or supervision.

Pursuing compensation after a chain reaction truck crash can be incredibly complicated and challenging to prove. working with a skilled Nashville truck accident attorney will ensure that you recover the compensation that is due to you when you have sustained an injury in a truck accident.

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