Do Women Experience Traumatic Brain Injuries Differently Than Men?

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Do Women Experience Traumatic Brain Injuries Differently Than Men?

Do Women Experience Traumatic Brain Injuries Differently Than Men?The International Journal of Critical Injury and Science recently reported a clinical study done on the epidemiological consequences of traumatic brain injuries in women and how TBIs on women differ from male TBIs. The studies were conducted in India. Most studies, prior to this Indian female study, have been about men. The study yielded interesting—and much needed—results regarding how TBIs impact women differently than men.


The study, conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, examined patients who suffered TBIs between January 1, 2010 and March 15, 2010. The study looked at a variety of factors including gender, age, how the TBI occurred, the severity of the injury, symptoms, CT scan findings, skull fractures, treatments, and mortality. A sophisticated statistical analysis was used to examine the data. Overall, 1627 patients with head injuries were studied.

The results of the TBI study

Of the 1627 patients, 293 (18 percent) were female. The median age of the female patients was 35 years. The incidence of TBI was higher for females aged up to 10, in their 50s, and in their 60s than their male counterparts. In the study group, the women made it to the hospital about an hour faster than the men (18 hours, 27 minutes compared to 19 hours, 29 minutes).

The standard way to determine TBI severity is through the Glasgow Coma Scale. The study showed that:

  • 8 % of the females had mild injuries
  • 6 % had moderate TBI injuries
  • 6 % had severe injuries

The symptoms for females (multiple symptoms were possible) were:

  • 9 % had loss of consciousness
  • 6 % vomited
  • 2 % had ear or nose bleeding
  • .8 % had seizures
  • 4 % had headaches
  • .7 % had limb weakness

Road traffic accidents accounted for over half of the TBIs, falls accounted for about one-third, assaults accounted for about nine percent, and 1.66 % were due to other causes.

In 60.4 % of patients, the CT results was abnormal. Abnormal findings included parenchymal contusion, extradural hematoma, subdural hematoma, subdural hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage and other factors.

Over half of the patients were able to be treated medically. About a third of female patients required surgery. 3.4 % of the female patients died.

The conclusion of the study, which included statistical findings on male TBI patients, was that although the incidence of traumatic brain injury in women is less than men, women had a higher percentage of abnormal findings (as shown by imaging) in older patients, needed more neurosurgical intervention, and had more fatalities, by percentage.

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