Why Wide Truck Turns Are So Dangerous

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Why Wide Truck Turns Are So Dangerous

Why Wide Truck Turns Are So Dangerous In any collision with a truck, it is the car and the occupants of the car that will take the brunt of the impact. In many cases, the car occupants may die or suffer serious catastrophic injuries. Many cars think they are safe when then are to the right of a truck while waiting for a light to change. They are not safe. Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers that make right-hand turns often crush cars that are to the right of them. These large trucks can also strike cars to the left of them while making a right-hand turn. Much of the reverse logical holds for large trucks and commercial trucks that are making left-hand turns.

The reason that cars near trucks that are turning are not safe is because these trucks need a lot of room in order to maneuver. Trucks making a right-hand turn usually start the turn by swinging their cab wide to the left and then hoping the trailer will follow the cab. Eventually, the cab and trailer will turn right, but often an angle that the car driver can’t anticipate.

Adding to the physical difficulties in making intersection turns is that truck drivers often can’t see cars that are directly to the right or left of them or directly behind them. Truck drivers can’t look through the rear of their truck, so they rely on their side mirrors to see car drivers.

Advice for car drivers

Car drivers should try to stay away from trucks that are turning by staying a safe distance behind the truck. The drivers of the cars should also look to see if their car’s reflection is in the truck driver’s side mirror. If the car driver can’t see the reflection, it’s a pretty good bet the truck driver can’t see the car.

The same concerns that apply to turns also apply to merging. The truck driver will have a harder time merging because of the size, weight, and mass of the truck. He/she will also have a tough time seeing the car that is merging.

Today, many trucks have signs on the rear of their trucks – “Caution, this truck makes wide turns.” That caution is something car drivers should take seriously. Often, a truck driver won’t even know the truck crushed your car, and you’ll be left to rely on the help of witnesses until the police can come.

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