What Are the Causes of Most Auto Accidents?

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What Are the Causes of Most Auto Accidents?

What Are the Causes of Most Auto Accidents?There’s an old joke that says, “What causes most auto accidents? Drivers.” It’s entirely true; fewer accidents are actually caused by completely accidental mechanical failures or acts of nature. The vast majority of car wrecks can be traced back to the actions of drivers in some way.

Negligence takes many forms

The top three causes of automotive incidents are distracted drivers, speeding drivers, and drunk drivers. But all these are really forms of negligence, legally speaking. The distracted driver is neglecting to pay proper attention to his or her surroundings. The speeding driver is neglecting to obey posted speed limits, and the drunk driver has gotten behind the wheel unable to either pay proper attention to surroundings or heed traffic laws and regulations.

Lack of upkeep is a form of negligence

Mechanically speaking, the most common car crash causes are brake failure, tire blowouts, and wiper issues. Many, if not most, of these issues can be prevented through proper auto maintenance. Simply having worn wipers can impair visibility enough to cause an accident in a situation that might have otherwise been innocuous. Even a driver employing conscientious safe following distance between themselves and other vehicles on the road, if he or she hasn’t checked and replaced the brake system on the vehicle, can cause an accident.

Not every accident is avoidable

The truth comes back to the joke—other drivers on the road are out of our control when it comes to our safety. The most prepared and careful drivers can still be seriously injured through the action, or inaction, of others. Still other accidents are due to mechanical failure as a result of a defect auto part: just think about Jeep’s faulty gear shifters, which caused the death of actor Anton Yelchin last year, or the people who died as a result of Takata’s exploding airbags. Even potholes and deadly curves can be seen as a form of civic or governmental negligence.

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