Treatment Options for Traumatic Brain Injuries ExplainedTraumatic brain injuries (TBIs) vary significantly in severity and long-term effects. While mild TBIs may only require at-home treatments and rest, more severe conditions often require years of medical treatment and rehabilitation. There are a few ways that doctors might treat you or your loved one if one of you sustains a TBI.

Emergency treatment for severe TBI

Severe TBI treatment occurs in stages, beginning with an initial diagnosis.  As explained by the Brain Injury Association of America, treatment often begins with an emergency room evaluation before the patient is moved to the Intensive Care Unit. While in the ICU, medical professionals attempt to stabilize the patient and prevent any further medical crisis. A TBI patient may be placed on a ventilator for assistance with breathing or administered medication intravenously.

Rehabilitation after sustaining an injury

In cases where stabilization is obtained, inpatient rehabilitation is usually started to help the patient regain functions of the brain affected by the traumatic brain injury. A collection of doctors and rehabilitation specialists work with the patient daily on functions like walking, eating, and speaking. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, outpatient rehabilitation may be instituted. These treatments may entail home health services, with rehabilitation specialists coming into the patient’s home on a regular basis, or the patient visiting an outpatient rehabilitation facility. Rehabilitation is continued until the patient reaches their maximum capabilities. While some patients gain a complete rehabilitation of proper brain function, others never regain full function.

Medication for the effects of a brain injury

Physicians may also prescribe medications to TBI patients as they deem necessary to manage pain or lessen the severity of side effects. Some common administered TBI medications include:

  • Pain management medications
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Anti-depression medications
  • Medications to prevent seizures caused by the TBI
  • Stimulants

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