How to Protect Your Interests After a Nashville Truck Accident

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How to Protect Your Interests After a Nashville Truck Accident

How to Protect Your Interests After a Nashville Truck AccidentTruck accidents are some of the most treacherous crashes on Nashville roadways. These wrecks devastate everyone involved, causing extensive property damage, injuries, and even death. We want you to be safe, and for you to have the best chance you can at obtaining compensation after you have been hurt. You can work to protect your own interests by taking the following steps in the aftermath of a truck-involved wreck.

Seek medical treatment

Your health and wellbeing are of utmost importance following a truck accident. Before taking any other actions, seek medical treatment for your injuries. If they are serious enough, accept treatment at the crash scene and transportation to the hospital. If your injuries are less serious, make an appointment to see a physician as soon as possible. In addition to the urgency of your health, failure to seek timely medical care can potentially diminish the credibility of your compensation claims. So, make treatment a priority following a truck accident.

Gather information

If possible, gather contact information from all witnesses present. It is important to collect this information quickly, because time constraints can make it difficult to locate witnesses. In addition, your attorneys will likely want to question these witnesses while their memories of the incident are still fresh. Information gathering should also include photographs. Take pictures of the crash scene, including damage to all involved vehicles, skid marks on the ground, and any other property damage. These photographs can prove extremely valuable in a liability claim. You should also ensure that you have the name of the driver, the trucking company and the truck’s Department of Transportation ID number.

Consult an experienced Nashville truck accident attorney

Providing accident statements without legal counsel can prove detrimental to your compensation claim. Information given to law enforcement officials or insurance agents can be manipulated to create a case against you. In addition, the trauma of a truck crash can leave you confused and muddle your judgment. This is not the time to provide an official statement about the events. With the assistance of a knowledgeable Nashville truck accident attorney, you can provide the necessary information, while also protecting your interests. Secure legal representation as soon as possible following a truck crash.

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