Rollover Truck Crash In Clarksville Traps Driver

Courtesy Clarksville Police Department

Rescue crews responded to an unusual accident in Clarksville in late January; a tanker truck and a sedan collided in such a way that the truck rolled on top of the car. The driver, Kaylynn Ramlow, was pinned inside the car and under the truck; a crane was required to lift the tanker off the damaged car before first responders could begin extraction efforts. Remarkably, though Ramlow sustained injuries during the accident and entrapment, WKRN reported that she was in stable condition later that day.

Big wrecks create secondary hazards

Commercial truck accidents often create incredibly dangerous conditions for accident victims and first responders alike. Even minor accident scenes can create hazards like broken glass, sheared metal edges and leaked fluids; when big trucks are involved, the dangers are often much greater. Thankfully, the tanker truck was empty and hazardous materials did not play a factor here.

However, this accident does highlight an important point; sometimes, serious injuries aren’t the direct result of an accident. Moving an injured person after a high-speed or high-impact collision is inherently dangerous. In certain circumstances like vehicle entrapment, heavy equipment and dangerous power tools are needed, increasing the chance of secondary injuries. First responders are trained to reduce the risk of secondary injuries and increase the chances of survival, but no two accidents are the same.

Establishing the facts can take time

Often, a true assessment of damages and injuries doesn’t happen until the dust has settled and doctors have had a chance to do a complete workup on accident victims; only then can the cause and extent of injuries be determined. Regardless of the direct cause, serious injuries are often the result of large truck accidents. Big problems happen when big trucks hit small cars; even the most advanced safety systems in the world can’t stand up to 80,000lbs of steel in motion.

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