A Couple’s Journey Through the Trials of Traumatic Brain Injury

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A Couple’s Journey Through the Trials of Traumatic Brain Injury

A Couple’s Journey Through the Trials of Traumatic Brain InjuryHope and Bill Moffett enjoyed years together as partners in more than one endeavor; their marriage included a blended family of six and nine grandchildren, and the two collaborated in wine trade publications, seminars and shows. Together, the couple traveled regularly to attend tastings and judge events. In 2008, they were looking forward to retirement when the unthinkable happened: a horrific accident changed everything.

After the accident, Bill was in a coma. It was touch and go for some time; when he awoke, it was almost immediately apparent that he had suffered a brain injury. Hope began writing letters to Bill (and about her experience) in the six months following the accident and Bill’s step-wise recuperation. She recently published her writings in a book called Traumatic Brain Injury: The Long Road Back. In the context of traumatic brain injury, the Moffetts are lucky; Bill has regained much of his former brain function, but still struggles with basic memory tasks and motivation.

A moving story

The Daily Messenger wrote about the Moffetts’ struggles and Hope’s book detailing their journey, “What she learned ranged from the ins-and-outs of Medicare and other aspects of healthcare, to the effects TBI has on behavior, personality, expectations and relationships. ‘Broken bones don’t create new personalities, but brain injury often does,’ she explains in the book. ‘I wondered if the changes in Bill’s personality would last forever or would they recede as he recovered. Many nights my prayers were, “Please, God, bring him back.” I didn’t know how I would live with this person who looked like my beloved husband but often lashed out in hatred, someone whose demeanor I barely recognized.’”

Hope has shared an experience that many people are familiar with but few talk about in any public way. Traumatic brain injury affects families, couples – lives. Traumatic brain injury victims don’t get to walk away from accidents like those who sustain bodily injury; the effects are often devastating and can last a lifetime. Despite advances in medications and therapies, TBI is not curable. In many cases, it’s not even treatable. While it’s possible to make some progress, most victims are extremely limited by the current state of medical knowledge.

Hope’s story is novel because she chose to share it. For millions of people each year, traumatic brain injury is a reality that they live, not a fiction or someone else’s story. While recovery options may be limited, your loved one deserves the best treatment and the best options available after an accident. When your loved one is injured, the experienced Nashville traumatic brain injury attorneys at the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm can evaluate your case and help you get the compensation you need. For a free consultation, call 615.246.5549, visit our offices in Nashville, Gallatin or Knoxville, or contact us today.