Tractor-trailers, big rigs, 18-wheelers: call them whatever you want, but sharing the road with one can be scary. They’re big, lumbering motor vehicles that are slow to stop, have poor visibility on the sides, and have tires that can crash through your windshield if they blow out. But big rigs aren’t the only types of commercial trucks on Tennessee roads that cause accidents. Smaller, every day vehicles are just as dangerous if they’re not properly maintained and controlled.

Trucks to watch out for

The chances of colliding with a tractor-trailer drop dramatically when you’re not on the highways or interstates; however, the chances of crash with other types of commercial trucks increase on local and rural roads. Some of those commercial trucks include:

  • Dump trucks. When there’s a build site nearby, the dump trucks are sure to follow. Sand, gravel and dirt can make roadways dangerous, and improperly loaded dump trucks can spill these materials all over the roads. They can also “blind” a driver if the materials fall off the back and onto your windshield. Make sure to follow behind them at a safe distance so you have enough room to stop if debris falls off the back.
  • Garbage trucks. Garbage trucks pose a lot of different problems. You face being hit by another driver if you try to move around the truck, because visibility it poor. You can be hit by the mechanical arm if you’re too close to the side. You also have to keep an eye on any workers who might be hopping on or off the garbage truck to avoid hitting them, as well.
  • Flatbed trucks. Whether they’re hauling cars, machinery or even livestock, flatbeds pose the same dangers as 18-wheelers, except now there are no sides or a top to keep the products secure. A large-scale flatbed will have just as much difficulty slowing down to avoid an auto accident, so it’s important to leave a lot of room between you.
  • Delivery trucks. Delivery truck drivers may have to make frequent stops – especially mail trucks – and they’re on a tight schedule. The constant stop-and-go can lead to accidents if you are not hyper aware of what they’re doing, and you risk colliding with another car if you try to pass them by.

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