Exit 3 off Vietnam Veterans Boulevard in Hendersonville was closed on September 8 after an 18-wheeler transporting commercial batteries overturned. Early reports suggested that the truck’s cargo was not secured properly, and this may have contributed to the initial accident.

The driver of the truck was injured in the accident and transported to Skyline Medical Center in Nashville. He is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries. However, the accident left a large amount of battery acid on the roadway. Battery acid is primarily composed of sulphuric acid, which can react with oxygen to create highly flammable compound.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation stated that the spill is considered a HazMat accident. Emergency crews responded to neutralize the acid and clean the spill from the roadway. Luckily, no other motorists were injured, but the unsecured load exposed both passing motorists and emergency crews to dangerous chemicals and fumes.

Dangerous spills can cause many problems

According to the Tennessean, “The Oklahoma City-based Stevens Trucking vehicle was carrying 47,000 pounds of large industrial batteries used in big machinery such as forklifts.” We don’t argue that the job was important; big rigs and their cargo are a necessary part of our infrastructure, but they can pose a serious hazard on the road.

This accident highlights the need for more stringent regulation of the trucking industry. Properly loading a rig can mean the difference between life and death on the road. When heavy loads shift in transit, they can adversely affect a driver’s ability to control his truck, resulting in collisions or rollovers.

What makes matters worse in this case was that proper precautions weren’t observed in the transport of highly dangerous materials. Batteries are a necessarily evil, but they are filled with heavy metals and highly acidic compounds that are extremely dangerous to humans.

In addition to putting other motorists at risk, this accident necessitated urgent emergency response to prevent the possibility of greater damage. Emergency crews were exposed to toxins, a roadway was shut down, and a man injured, all because of neglectful practices that may have allowed a driver to leave a bit earlier to make a deadline.

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