A horrific multi-car and truck crash in a construction site has claimed the lives of 6 people. According to WSMV, “Chattanooga police say a total of 9 vehicles and more than 15 people were involved in the wreck on Interstate 75 near Ooltewah.” New details are emerging about the crash, and the National Transportation Safety Board is involved with the investigation. ABC News reports that it is the deadliest multi-vehicle accident in the area in the last decade.

I-75 was closed down for about 12 hours, but has since opened up. Drivers are asked to consider alternate routes.

The dangers of commercial truck accidents

Commercial trucks like the one involved in this horrific crash can pose a serious threat to drivers and motorcyclists on the roads around Tennessee, even under the best conditions and circumstances. Remember: a tractor trailer can weigh 40 tons – that’s 80,000lbs – and the average car weighs about 4,000lbs total. Based on sheer size alone, the truck will not be able to stop as quickly or as completely as a car could, increasing the chances of the truck jack-knifing, rolling over or smashing into (and potentially on top of) the car it hits.

That the crash occurred in a construction zone only added to the dangers. Construction sites are particular dangerous for drivers of cars and trucks because:

  • They limit visibility with road blocks and barriers
  • Workers might be outside of their own trucks or machinery
  • Roadways are likely to be uneven and/or covered in debris
  • The lights around construction sites can cause a glare, temporarily blinding drivers

Thursday night’s crash occurred a little after 7:00pm. Sundown occurred just before 9:00pm, meaning there was decreased visibility on the road even without the extra dangers associated with construction zones.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. We urge everyone to please drive slowly and safely at any time of day or night, and to be especially careful when driving through construction zones.

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