Nov 8, 2016

New Study on Concussions Looks for Answers

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A new study published in Frontiers in Neurology found that a type of MRI imaging might be an effective way to diagnose whether someone who has suffered a concussion will develop a condition known as post-concussion syndrome.

The study examined patients who had been diagnosed with a concussion and provides valuable information for those people, […]

May 16, 2016

NFL’s Acknowledgement of Football-CTE Link Helps Victims Everywhere

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As recently as February, the NFL denied any link between the sport and the neurodegenerative disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). During a congressional committee hearing on March 14, Jeff Miller, the league’s senior vice president for health and safety, became the first NFL official to publicly acknowledge that football players have a higher risk […]

Jan 28, 2016

America’s Historic Landmarks; a Safety Risk Worth Preserving

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When Eisenhower spearheaded the development of the interstate highway system, part of the plan included standards for minimum vertical clearance of bridges. These standards were developed with the aid of the military to allow unhindered movement of troops and supplies. The strategic move led to a standardization of roadways and cargo trucks that is […]

Jan 15, 2016

Because “Best Matters,” Choose the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm

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Michael Jordan. Thomas Edison. Sally Ride. Allison Schmitt. Martin Scorsese. Meryl Streep.

It takes a lot to be the best: passion, determination, dedication, hard work. You have to want it. You have to work for it. You have to be willing to get knocked down and get right back up – to show that you […]

Sep 17, 2015

Broken Glass Prompts Recall of 48,000 Loaves of Bread

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Bimbo Bakeries of Horsham, Pennsylvania has issued a voluntary recall of 48,000 packages of bread sold in 11 states after a consumer reported pieces of glass on the outside of one loaf of bread. It is believed the glass came from a broken light bulb at a company factory.

The affected packages have “best by” […]

Jul 27, 2015

Make Sure You Always Buckle Up

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On June 16, Scott Davis of Jacksboro lost control of his pickup truck traveling southbound on I-75. He overcorrected and the truck flipped multiple times, ejecting him from the vehicle. Davis wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, and died at the scene.

The same day, Frank Erwin was driving eastbound on Highway 70 in Pegram when he […]

Jul 20, 2015

Ice Cream Makers Can’t Seem to Eliminate Listeria Contamination

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Columbus, Ohio-based ice cream manufacturer Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has stopped production for the second time since April due to listeria contamination. This shutdown comes on the heels of Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries shutdown in April after 3 deaths were related to listeria-contaminated products.

In both cases, the source of listeria contamination is unknown. However, […]

Jun 1, 2015

Everything Old Is New Again (Or, How the Vikings Cured MRSA)

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“Take cropleek and garlic, of both equal quantities, pound them well together, take wine and bullocks’ gall, of both equal quantities, mix with the leek, put this then into a brazen vessel, let it stand nine days in the brass vessel, wring out through a cloth and clear it well, put it into a […]

May 4, 2015

Graco Delayed Recalling Defective Child Seats

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fined Graco Children’s Products $10 million for failing to recall defective children’s car seats in a timely manner. The affected seats had defective buckles that could prevent release in the event of an accident. The company will pay $3 million in fines while the remainder of the […]

Jan 30, 2015

Trinity’s Defective Guardrails Are Still in Use

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Trinity Industries is a Texas-based manufacturing company that produces, among other things, guardrail ends that are provided to transportation departments across the United States. In October 2014, a federal whistleblower case against Trinity resulted in a $525 million fraud verdict after a federal jury found that the company made false statements concerning a modified […]

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