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Aug 28, 2018

Uber Closing Its Self-Driving Truck Business

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Uber is closing its autonomous truck driving company, Otto, just two years after paying nearly $700 million for the company. According to an NPR report, Uber also spent nearly $925 million on autonomous freight trucks in the hope of revolutionizing the trucking industry. Uber’s autonomous division will focus exclusively on self-driving cars. Part of the [...]

Jul 5, 2018

Why Are Truck Collisions So Dangerous?

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Getting into an accident with a vehicle of any size could lead to serious injuries, but a collision with a tractor-trailer almost guarantees them. A crash with a commercial truck is more likely to lead to catastrophic, life-altering injuries, or death, simply because of the way that they’re built and designed to move. Knowing why [...]

Jun 26, 2018

Common Defenses to Trucking Accidents

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Insurance companies and defense lawyers will try every argument they can to avoid paying your claim. They will fight to minimize any amounts they do have to pay. And if you don’t have an experienced Nashville truck accident lawyer on your side, you may be taken in by some of these arguments during the settlement [...]

May 17, 2018

Cargo Spills and Falling Debris

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When shipments spill from trucks, the debris creates dangers for the driver and every vehicle near the truck. A recent Tennessee truck spill, reported by News Channel 5, is just one example. The news station reported that paint thinner spilled from a pickup truck traveling on I-40. The chemical spilled when the truck rolled over. [...]

Apr 19, 2018

What Are Truck “No Zones”?

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No-zones are blind spots. Cars, motorcycles, trucks, and pedestrians positioned in these spots can’t be seen by the truck driver – even with rear and side-view mirrors. If the truck driver doesn’t see you and doesn’t have a reason to anticipate you, then the driver is much more likely to collide with or even crush [...]

Mar 27, 2018

Why It’s Important to Investigate a Tractor-Trailer Accident As Soon as Possible after the Crash

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The early investigation of a large truck accident can mean the difference between winning and losing a truck accident case. It can mean the difference between settling your claim and risking a jury trial. The sooner investigators speak to witness, examine the trucks, and inspect the accident site; the more likely it is that Nashville [...]