Sep 14, 2017

Car Seat and Seat Belt Laws in Tennessee

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Tennessee law does require that vehicle operators and passengers take specific safety measures before going out on the roads and highways. There are a number of vehicle safety regulations specific to young children:

If the child is less than one year old or weighs under 20 pounds, he or she must be secured in […]

Sep 5, 2017

Multi-Vehicle Car Crash Near Chattanooga Kills Six People

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An ABC News report confirmed that at least six people died in a nine-vehicle accident on I-75 near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Another nine people were involved in the accident. The cause of the accident was not reported. Multi-vehicle crashes involving multiple fatalities are extremely difficult cases to handle. Even if a determination can be made […]

Aug 29, 2017

Tennessee Car Accidents and Internal Injuries

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Car drivers and passengers who are involved in car crashes often die, suffer serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage, break their bones, endure acute nerve and spinal pain, and suffer other injuries. One set of injuries that can go undetected for hours or days is internal injuries. Often, these […]

Aug 23, 2017

20-Year-Old Woman Killed in Nashville Car Crash

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Fox 17 News Nashville reported on June 7, 2017, that a 20-year-old woman died when a Ford Taurus driven by an 18-year-old male went off the road, up an embankment, and rolled backward onto the road. The accident happened near I-65 and Fern Avenue in Nashville. The Nashville police did not find any indication […]

Jul 11, 2017

Who is Responsible in Left-Hand Turn Cases in Tennessee?

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The beginning rule of thumb in intersection accidents is that the person making the left-hand turn was at fault. Tennessee traffic laws require that the car making the left-hand turn wait for oncoming cars to proceed straight through the intersection before they start their turn. We know how frustrating this can be. If you […]

Jun 23, 2017

Traffic Crash Deaths Make Biggest Increase in Almost a Decade

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When you combine all the factors such as lower gas prices, an increase in vehicle miles traveled and add to that the negligent habits of distracted driving and speeding you get one of the deadliest years in almost a decade for drivers in the U.S.

The National Safety Council (NSC) published a report that highlights […]

Jun 8, 2017

Tennessee Highway Patrol is Cracking Down on Distracted Driving

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Texting while driving is against the law in Tennessee and it has been since 2009, yet Tennesseans along with other Americans on roads and highways throughout the United States do not seem to think that the law applies to them as drivers continue to read and respond to text messages, emails and surf the […]

May 11, 2017

What Are the Causes of Most Auto Accidents?

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There’s an old joke that says, “What causes most auto accidents? Drivers.” It’s entirely true; fewer accidents are actually caused by completely accidental mechanical failures or acts of nature. The vast majority of car wrecks can be traced back to the actions of drivers in some way.

Negligence takes many forms

The top three causes of […]

Apr 25, 2017

Navigating the Car Accident Settlement Process in Nashville

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While some people may view settlements after auto crashes as miraculous, effort-free windfalls, the reality is that they exist to compensate victims for pain and suffering, and can require a significant commitment of time and energy in order to see a result. Knowing the in’s and out’s of the process, and working with a […]

Apr 12, 2017

Dangerous Driving: When to Stay Off the Road

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Car wrecks aren’t random. Very rarely are they caused by simple whims of nature: generally the causes and time of day play a significant role in the level of danger and damage realized. Knowing the danger signs—along with when it’s best to leave or early or even just stay home—can mean the difference between […]

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