Sep 7, 2017

University of Pennsylvania Study Concludes an Mild TBI is an Oxymoron

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A 2015 study by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that mild, concussion-type injuries often cause severe cognitive impairments. The study focused on SNTF, a brain protein, which shows in the blood after a victim suffers some concussions.  SNTF “signals the type of brain damage” that is believed to […]

Sep 5, 2017

Multi-Vehicle Car Crash Near Chattanooga Kills Six People

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An ABC News report confirmed that at least six people died in a nine-vehicle accident on I-75 near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Another nine people were involved in the accident. The cause of the accident was not reported. Multi-vehicle crashes involving multiple fatalities are extremely difficult cases to handle. Even if a determination can be made […]

Aug 31, 2017

The Hard Truth: Facts About Comas

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Vehicle accidents often cause Tennessee drivers and passengers to be violently thrown about their car or truck, causing the brain to shake and suffer a traumatic injury. Comas are a potential complication for anyone who suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

According to the Mayo Clinic, a coma is a lengthy state of unconsciousness during […]

Aug 29, 2017

Tennessee Car Accidents and Internal Injuries

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Car drivers and passengers who are involved in car crashes often die, suffer serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage, break their bones, endure acute nerve and spinal pain, and suffer other injuries. One set of injuries that can go undetected for hours or days is internal injuries. Often, these […]

Aug 25, 2017

Tanker and Pickup Crash Closes Route 412

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The Lewis County Herald reported on May 16, 2017, that a pickup truck and a tanker collided, creating a fire, which caused State Route 412 to be blocked for 17 hours. The accident happened near McClanahan Road in Maury County at about 10:45 am.

The driver of the tanker was taken to the local hospital […]

Aug 23, 2017

20-Year-Old Woman Killed in Nashville Car Crash

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Fox 17 News Nashville reported on June 7, 2017, that a 20-year-old woman died when a Ford Taurus driven by an 18-year-old male went off the road, up an embankment, and rolled backward onto the road. The accident happened near I-65 and Fern Avenue in Nashville. The Nashville police did not find any indication […]

Aug 16, 2017

Congratulations, Rocky McElhaney, on Being Selected for Inclusion in the National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers Association – Top 25!

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The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm has always fought to protect the rights and futures of people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. We know what kind of challenges a TBI victim will face on the road to his or her recovery, and how an act of negligence can change a person’s life – and […]

Jul 20, 2017

Why ER Doctors Often Fail to Diagnose a Traumatic Brain Injury

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If a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs at a construction site, in a motor vehicle accident, because a defective product explodes, or due to a workplace accident, the first place most victims go to is their local hospital emergency room. Patients rely on the ER to discover the TBI because early intervention can help […]

Jul 18, 2017

Uninsured and Underinsured Driver Coverage in Tennessee

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You were hurt in an accident. You have $20,000 in medical bills because just walking into the emergency room costs a fortune. You couldn’t work at your well-paying job for months and lost another $15,000 in wages. Your broken arm hurts like the dickens. You can’t scratch the itch because it’s in a cast. […]

Jul 13, 2017

Wide-Turn Truck Accidents are Pervasive in Tennessee

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How many times have you seen a large truck or a tractor-trailer have difficulty trying to make a turn at an intersection? Often, they get halfway through the turn and then have to back up and re-steer. Cars to the right of the truck and cars in oncoming lanes hold their breath in the […]

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