What You Need to Know About Getting Injured on Vacation

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What You Need to Know About Getting Injured on Vacation

What You Need to Know About Getting Injured on VacationAs summer draws to a close and the mercury blows the top off the thermometer, we’re entering prime vacation season. You work hard all year to go away with the family and enjoy a week or two of rest and relaxation, but an unexpected injury can quickly ruin a vacation for the unprepared traveler. Just like documenting a car accident, there are standard steps you should follow after sustaining an injury at a resort or on foreign soil.

Before you go

Check with your health insurance provider to make sure that coverage applies to your intended destination. Some health insurers provide coverage regardless of your location, while others only cover treatment on American soil. If you aren’t covered, there are special travel policies that can be purchased for the duration of your trip, and these policies can pay off in the long run. The best part is that most health insurance policies for a vacation are low-cost.

If you or your loved one does get hurt at a resort or in another country, seek medical attention immediately to assess the full extent of the injury. Seeing a doctor immediately not only provides documentation, but also protects your health. Take pictures and file a police report. Documenting an incident with law enforcement may seem extreme depending on the circumstances, but filing a report creates an independent and impartial record.

Minor injury, major cost

Business Traveler USA reported, “One thing that many travelers aren’t aware of is the fact that your attorney can get you compensated for other losses that resulted from the injury. For example, how did that injury affect your travel plans?  Did you need to pay for an earlier flight home, or spend more checking into a hotel which was more accommodating for you


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