Nov 16, 2017

Size, Height, and Weight Restrictions for Trucks on Tennessee and Federal Roads

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Current dimension and weight limitations for trucks are a mix of federal and state laws. The laws vary depending on which road the truck driver is operating the truck on and the type of truck involved. The laws are meant to prevent truck accidents, to make driving easier, and to protect the roads themselves.
Federal […]

Nov 14, 2017

Legal Requirements if a Car Accident Happens in Tennessee

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If a car crash happens on a Tennessee road, you need to follow certain procedures in accordance with the law. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in criminal and civil charges against the driver. Failure to follow the laws can also jeopardize your legal rights to bring a legal claim against negligent […]

Nov 9, 2017

Laws and Concerns about Senior Car Drivers on Tennessee Roads

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While many seniors are good drivers, the state of Tennessee does have some concerns that as we age, our ability to see and respond to emergencies diminishes as we reach our 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Seniors are more likely to need cataract surgery and to suffer disabilities like Alzheimer’s disease than younger drivers. […]

Oct 12, 2017

Three-Peat! Three-Peat! Rocky Is Voted the Best of Nashville for the Third Year in a Row!

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The first time, we were excited. The second time, we were thrilled. But for this three-peat, we are ECSTATIC to announce that for the third year in a row, Rocky McElhaney has been named the number one “Best Attorney in Nashville” in the Scene Magazine’s “Best Of Nashville” Annual Reader’s Poll!

We felt like we […]

Oct 10, 2017

Do Women Experience Traumatic Brain Injuries Differently Than Men?

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The International Journal of Critical Injury and Science recently reported a clinical study done on the epidemiological consequences of traumatic brain injuries in women and how TBIs on women differ from male TBIs. The studies were conducted in India. Most studies, prior to this Indian female study, have been about men. The study yielded […]

Oct 5, 2017

I-65 Tennessee Truck Crash Kills the Driver of a Semi-Trailer

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Fox 17 News Nashville reported on May 24, 2017 that a Mississippi driver of a large truck was killed when his semi-truck veered off the road and into a line of trees. The accident happened early in the morning on the southbound lane of Interstate 65 in Robertson County. The southbound lane was closed […]

Oct 3, 2017

Tennessee Weather-Related Truck Accidents

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Truck drivers and the shipping companies who hire the drivers need to be especially alert to the dangers of inclement weather. While bad weather is a danger for drivers of all vehicle types, truck accidents are more likely to cause death and severe injuries than car collisions when the sun is too bright, the […]

Sep 29, 2017

Photophobia and Traumatic Brain Injury

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A report by Optometry Review published in December 2015 explored common vision problems, especially photophobia, that occur after a traumatic brain injury. The report was prepared by Christopher L. Shur, OD, and several other eye doctors. To determine the severity of at TBI (mild to severe), doctors usually use a Glasgow coma scale. According […]

Sep 26, 2017

Bad Brakes Can Cause Tennessee Truck Accidents

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It is essential that the brakes on 18-wheelers, semi-rigs, and other large trucks be in good working order. It takes large trucks longer to stop than smaller trucks and cars. When truck accidents do occur, they often cause more serious harm to the truck driver and the drivers and passengers in other cars than […]

Sep 21, 2017

Concussions and the Increased Risk of Suicide

By |Sep 21, 2017|Brain Injuries|0 Comments

A 2016 study by the Canadian Medical Association Journal analyzed the effects of concussions on the risk of suicide. Concussions are a possible injury for anyone who suffers a traumatic brain injury due to any type of vehicle accident, sports injury, physical attack, or other trauma to the head. The study was initiated in […]

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